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A personal service unlike any other – whether your business is based in Worcestershire, Cheltenham or the South West, at Worcester CMP, we encompass the knowledge through our combined 40 year experience to transform your office space into the most enhanced and efficient working areas. 

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey solution to take away the burden of your project or vision, why not contact our friendly and experienced team that can offer you a free onsite consultation and show you how we can cater your complete project from Suspended Ceilings, Mezzanine Flooring to Office Partitions and much more. 

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The Worcester CMP Team have a wealth of experience and a background in project management, logistics and hands-on expertise.

We’re confident our turnkey service will ensure your project or refurbishment will be done quickly, affordably and on-time. Our thorough process starts with a free consultation, followed by a detailed, CAD-generated design. (A smart 2D computer design of the build).

Our aim is to ensure the project is completed beyond your expectation quickly and smoothly with minimal disruption to your business.

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Bespoke Suspended Ceilings

Bespoke suspended ceilings works carried out for young people’s leisure club based centre in Perdiswell, Worcester. This build required various complex suspended ceiling work.

“Great friendly service, very proffesional and work completed to a high standard.”

Hayley Tally – Young People’s Leisure Club

Suspended Ceiling Worcester

Suspended Ceiling works carried out for the popular Worcester based ‘Boardgame Cafe’. 

“We were very impressed by Worcester CMP. They responded promptly to our enquiry and because we were working to a deadline they fitted us in at the first opportunity, and completed the job quickly. We are really pleased with the work they did, and would definitely recommend them to others.”

Ben – The DiceBox Worcester


Curved Wall Partition Worcester

Bespoke curved wall office partition for Worcester based client. 

“Overall we were very happy with the level of expertise and commitment that Worcester CMP put into partitioning our offices due to the curvature in the building, they were very prompt, professional and affordable.”

John – A Worcester Company

FAQ's & Benefits of CMPs

A mezzanine floor is a raised platform that is constructed within an existing building to create additional floor space.

A mezzanine floor can help by increasing your overall work space which is ideal for additional storage, creating more offices, or utilising your building’s height, rather than extending or purchasing another building.

The weight capacity of a mezzanine floor depends on the structure and design of the floor, as well as the loading requirements specified by the building code and the client. Typically, mezzanine floors are designed to hold a load of 125kg/m2 or more, the Mezzanine Floors that Worcester CMP supply and install hold a weighting of the following: Office loading 3.5Kn/m2, Storage loading 4.8Kn/m2 or above.

In most cases, planning permission is not required for the installation of mezzanine floors. However, you may need to obtain approval from your local council or building control authority. It’s always best to check with your local authorities before proceeding with any installation work.

A suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is suspended from the main ceiling by a metal grid system. This type of ceiling is used to conceal piping, wiring, and ductwork, and to create a more aesthetically pleasing and acoustically sound environment.

The benefits of suspended ceilings include improved acoustic performance, thermal insulation, and fire resistance, as well as a more attractive and professional appearance. They are also easy to install, maintain, and repair, making them a cost-effective solution for any building.

Suspended ceilings can be constructed from a range of materials, including mineral fiber, metal, wood, and plaster board. The choice of material depends on the specific requirements of the building and the desired aesthetic effect.

Yes, suspended ceilings can be installed in any type of building, including commercial, industrial, and residential properties. They are particularly useful in buildings with high ceilings, where they can help to reduce the overall volume of the space and improve insulation and soundproofing.

Office partitioning can offer a number of benefits, including increased privacy, greater flexibility in office layout, improved acoustics, and more efficient use of available space. It can also be a cost-effective way of creating the appearance of a more professional workplace, which can have a positive effect on employees and customers alike.

Full height walls: These partitions go from floor to ceiling and offer the most privacy and acoustic properties and can have windows installed.

Half-height walls: These partitions stop short of the ceiling, which allows for more light and better air flow, and are a good option for spaces that require demarcation but also a sense of openness.

Frameless Glass partitions: These partitions offer a modern look and let in more natural light, but can be more expensive depending on design.

Framed Glass partitions: These partitions offer a glass look with acoustic properties.

Moveable partitions: These partitions can be moved to create different configurations of office space and are a good option for businesses that need flexibility.